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Joinery Services

´╗┐Standard staircases

available in  whitewood with MDF treads & risers . The staircase is manufactured to BS 585 1989. The choice of styles we can offer is unlimited but to keep prices low we advise the standard specifications.

For different types of staircases. The starting point is a staircase with Standard closed strings and risers. We offer a higher quality specification using 32mm Engineered Pine Strings, 22mm Engineered Pine Treads and 9mm Plywood risers. You can have this specification with other timbers of your choice.

Doors Fitted

There are hundreds of doors to choose from, internal, external, glazed doors, fire doors  and specialist doors.

As a Professional  joiner with 25 years hanging  and repairing hundreds of doors every year  in north Manchester area, replacing door ironmongery furniture or fitting new hinges, handles and door closers.

We  also  supply our customers with their chosen doors, pick-up, delivering and installing your doors, professionally and efficiently.

Skirting Boards Fitted

Skirting boards are the decorative finish (MDF or timber) around the bottom of walls which finishes the joint between the wall and the floor; it also offers protection to walls from bumps and knocks.

In older property he skirting boards were normally quite deep and often ornate, however in more recent properties the skirting board is typically fairly plain and 100mm to 150mm high. When selecting new skirting board to fit, it is a good idea to match the new style and size with the existing fitted elsewhere in the property - fitting plain, modern skirting to an old house is out of keeping, as is old style skirting in modern houses , however this is down to personal choice


Garden decking is one of the fastest growing home improvement projects in the UK.

It's important  to  choose the best decking  because if you do it right you will increase the your outdoor space while adding value to your property. 

It's easy to get carried away with a large decked area  that covers most of your garden.. Think about the area  that gets most sunlight in the evening and base the size and location of your decking on that since you're most likely to be using the decking in the late afternoon/early evening.

Glass Panels as Spindles
 Glass panels can make a big  impression to you hallway with a huge selection of styles and designs available to you.
With extra thickness for strength, shaped to suit the stairs and large squares for the landing.
These contemporary creations can really transform the look of your staircase and hallway.

All of our glass staircase renovations create a sleek, clean and modern fitted piece of furniture to a hallway and home.